Leah Dunn

Property + Venue Manager

Hobbies - Hair modeling, water parks, games, history, motherhood

Hometown - Fort Collins, CO

Family - a handsome son Gauge (3 yrs old)

Food - Meatloaf, mexican, buffets, doughnuts

Favorite TV Show - The Handmaid’s Tale

Fears - Heights, small spaces, spiders

Pet Peeves - Slamming doors, the wind, 1 uppers

Favorite Vacation - Snorkeling on the reef in Honduras with my family

Education - Real Estate License, Degree in Sociology from CSU


Andrew Pearson

Maintenance Supervisor

Claim to Fame - OSHA Certified 2019.

Hobbies - Playing pool, fishing, hiking, flying kites, bowling, cooking

Hometown - Camden, South Carolina

Family - 2 beautiful daughters (1 & 6 yrs old)

Favorite Foods - pizza, wings, burgers

Favorite TV Show - Supernatural

Famous Idol - Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle

Pet Peeves - Littering, bad drivers, repetitive question askers

My happy place - At a bbq with family + friends.


Jonathan Oneil

Owner | Partner

Jonathan Oneil  |  Owner

Claim to Fame - Computer guru

Hobbies - Cycling, camping, rocks

Hometown - Akron, CO

Family - Wife Kim, 3 smart children

Favorite Foods - Whatever the server recommends

Favorite Beer - Coors Light 

Favorite Team - CSU

Something I Cant Do - Whistle 

Hidden Talent - Fluent in Chinese


Kent Oneil

Owner | Partner

Kent Oneil | Owner

Claim to Fame - Beer Distribution + Software + Inventor

Passion - Being a business man

Hometown - Akron, CO

Family - It’s growing and I love them dearly

Best Meal - Steak dinner

Old Job - Wheat farmer, oil rigger

Favorite Toy - My new truck

Sports Team - Broncos

Favorite Vacation - Las Vegas (my other home)